Thursday, January 22, 2015

The following are some tips to help people of all ages stay fall-free this winter

-Eat foods high in Vitamin D and calcium and/or take supplements to get the recommended daily intake. Both play an important role for muscular strength and bone health.
-Wear footwear with non-slip tread and add icegrippers over your footwear when the temperature is below freezing.
-Take a cellphone with you - it's a good way to let people know your plans and call for assistance if needed.
-Choose cleared sidewalks and well-lit routes.
-Avoid carrying objects that are too heavy or bulky and may cause you to lose your balance.
-Plan ahead to make sure you have enough time to get to your destination without rushing.
-Stay active with strengthening and balance exercises that can be done inside or out. Strong muscles and bones are important in preventing falls and getting around safely.
-Ask for assistance or tap into community resources.
-Have a plan. If you experienced a fall, what would you do? Knowing your next steps can assist in getting help as quickly as possible and may even save your life.
-Ask yourself if you are at risk.

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