Monday, February 27, 2017

Benefits of Inversions

Inversion poses are those in which the heart is above the head. Inversions can be a simple as poses known as Downward facing Dog, Forward Flexion, Legs Up the Wall, Happy Baby. Inversions that can be more challenging are the popular head stand, hand stand and shoulder stand. Inversion benefits are:
Inversions reverse the blood flow in the body and improve circulation:
Increase immunity and prevent illness:
Energize: Both physical invigoration and mental revitalization are achieved.
Relax: Inversions calms the nervous system.
Improve balance:
Increases Core Strength
Improve Self Esteem
Inversions are fun: this is a time that allows you to be playful

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Exercise of the Day: Sphynx Licks

Sphynx Licks help to improve posture by improving head alignment over the shoulders and helps alleviate neck pain.

Prop yourself in a sphynx pose on elbows and forearms, palms down, one hand on top of the other
Protrude chin forward toward knuckles as if to lick paws like a cat
Retract head back
Repeat licking paws action
While licking move towards one elbow then the other in 1 inch increments

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Exercise of the day- Palm Presses

Palm Presses are helpful for relaxing the neck and shoulders and prevents the shoulders from shrugging upward
  • Interlace fingers
  • Switch interlace to non-habitual way (start by placing the opposite thumb on top)
  • Turn palms out away from you
  • Bring back of knuckles to top of head by bending elbows and have palms face upward
  • Draw elbows toward back wall
  • Squeeze shoulders together to hug spine
  • Pull shoulders down
  • Raise hands overhead toward ceiling
  • Keep shoulders down and press palms up and back while exhaling
  • Inhale when lowering knuckles back to head
  • Reset elbows and shoulders
  • Repeat presses 2 more times

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Lose 4 pounds in one week without changing your dietary intake, without medication, without counting calories

Follow these steps for results to lose weight and become healthier:

1)      Place food into mouth
2)      Place your utensil down
3)      Chew the food until it liquefies in your mouth
4)      Swish the “jucified” food around in your mouth
5)      Be fully aware of textures, flavors, spices etc.
6)      Swallow, “drink your food”
7)      Take 2 breaths
8)      Lift utensil and repeat steps #1 to #6
What this does for you:
Food is digested more efficiently especially if you inhale you food or eat fast. Food mixes with the amylase in saliva that starts digestion with chewing. This makes it easier for the stomach and intestines to digest the food completely. Otherwise the food is partially digested, stagnates in the intestines, causing gas, bloating, bulging abdomen and fattening.
By “Jucifying” your food:
1)      You appreciate the taste and texture by savoring the food
2)      Satiation sensors are activated prior to overeating
a)      Stomach fullness and
b)      Blood sugar levels.
You will eat less, trim down and lose weight.