Monday, March 27, 2017

Seniors need to know

You can thrive and not  just survive 
You are often told, ‘‘You’re gettin’ old”
That advice is excusitis
All you suffer is arthritis
With little therapies like brown rice
Coupled with wonderful Feldenkrais
Harmonious health can be easily restored
You can eliminate tension
By paying close attention
You’ll gain tremendous improvement
In all your daily movement
You’ll stand taller and walk faster
Your better understanding
Will make your balance outstanding
Our seniors say they again feel sexy
With the help of our special therapy
Yoga, Pilates, Exercise, Tai Chi
Soothing massage and mobilization is key
All of our methods are purely exquisite
They will surely be able to awaken your spirit
If you want to become rejuvenated
We’re here to have your goals facilitated
Pick up the phone and dial our number
Get back on your feet and out of your slumber
In case you wondered
It’s 212-765-48 hundred
Once you get help, you’ll become so nimble
Who would have thought it would be so simple?

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