Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Therapeutic Restorative Yoga at Central Park Physical Therapy

Therapeutic or restorative yoga sessions are often recommended for people recovering from injuries or for those with chronic pain. A Restorative Therapeutic Yoga class is one in which the student slowly moves and props oneself on the matted floor in deep relaxation. Students practice restorative yoga to help them release layers of tension and feel at ease in their bodies. You carefully stretch and loosen your body and then walk away feeling loose and calm with a smile on your face.  
Students will learn:
·         Relaxation strategies
·         Improved alignment to minimize postural stress and promote optimal energy flow
·         Restorative poses for therapeutic recovery and healing
·         Breath-play 
·         Meditation and visualization for healing
·         The use of props to achieve soothing comfort in poses 
·         Restorative yoga as a form of relaxation, pain relief  and increased function
·         Strategies for improved sleep
·         To decrease pain
·         How to increase flexibility and strength
·         Improve balance
·         Lower resting heart rate
However, therapeutic yoga isn’t only for those with lingering body pain. It can benefit almost anyone else including those who don’t stretch much and for people who sit all day at work.In restorative yoga, you don’t need any cute yoga clothes and you probably won’t even break a sweat.  No downward dogs required. In fact,  This yoga class is all about nourishing and restoring your life force. You should never be in pain during class, or even uncomfortable.
Give therapeutic yoga a try and enjoy a nourishing, relaxing session in the studio. Many first time students are surprised and impressed with the positive results achieved with such pampering of your body and soul.

Your Teacher:  Jenna Crivelli RYT200
Jenna is an aide at CPPT, a  Physical Therapy student, and a yoga practitioner for 10+ years. She completed her  yoga certification at the Yoga Room  and has completed advanced yoga teacher training workshops at goodyoga in Brooklyn, NY. 
The class logistics:
·         Date: Fridays
·         Time: 6:00 p.m.
·         Location: 30 East 60th Street
·         Cost: $11 per class
·         The Theme of each class is determined by the needs of the students in the class. So each class is “all about you” 
 "I align with B.K.S. Iyengar:  It is through the alignment of the body that allows for the alignment of my mind, self, and intelligence." – Jenna Crivelli

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