Sunday, August 23, 2015

5 Simple Exercises You Can Do To Prevent #ACL Injuries

-Squats: Squats are the perfect exercise for the legs. They do a great job strengthening the quads and glutes, which will help stabilize the leg overall and prevent ACL injuries.
-Jump Squats: Jump squats are very similar to regular squats, but they provide a higher intensity workout to the legs. This will in time stabilize the knees and make ACL tears and injuries less likely.
-Lateral Bounds: Lateral bounds help build stability in the sides of the leg - the lateral movement is unique to this exercise and helps build sideways strength so that you don't tear your ACL while pivoting or quickly changing directions.
-Step Ups: Step ups focus on the calfs, quads, and glutes.
-Leg Extensions: Leg extensions help buildup the quads for knee stability.

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