Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Exercise of the day- Palm Presses

Palm Presses are helpful for relaxing the neck and shoulders and prevents the shoulders from shrugging upward
  • Interlace fingers
  • Switch interlace to non-habitual way (start by placing the opposite thumb on top)
  • Turn palms out away from you
  • Bring back of knuckles to top of head by bending elbows and have palms face upward
  • Draw elbows toward back wall
  • Squeeze shoulders together to hug spine
  • Pull shoulders down
  • Raise hands overhead toward ceiling
  • Keep shoulders down and press palms up and back while exhaling
  • Inhale when lowering knuckles back to head
  • Reset elbows and shoulders
  • Repeat presses 2 more times

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